• Personal Attention
    Mesa Management believes that Board members and their homeowners should have direct access to their Mesa manager without being routed to an impersonal call center. Some larger management companies have so many clients they can’t possibly provide direct, hands-on-management. Mesa never takes on a new client unless they can create a personal one-to-one relationship. We manage your community the way you want it managed. We will guide you through the statutes, we will assist you in finding properly licensed vendors but the Board is the “boss” and we take our directions from you.
  • Value
    We don’t nickel and dime you— With a reasonable door fee and substantially less charges for ancillary services, we provide your community with individualized care— offering multiple inspections already included in the door fee. Larger more impersonal management companies often charge numerous add-on fees for practically every step they take. This can make it harder for your association to budget for management fees. With Mesa’s approach, planning is easier and you’ll spend substantially less time deciphering our bill.
  • Experience
    We know we make it look easy but to get the job done right it takes years of experience and training. The owners of Mesa Management, Traci Wozniak and Mandy Endleman have been in the industry since 1997. Both have years of experience managing HOA and master planned communities, commercial development and single family rentals. Both Traci and Mandy have obtained their AMS designation through the Community Association Institiute (CAI).
  • Real-Time Access
    Once you are a Mesa client, what will you do with all your spare time? Mesa makes it easy to handle your Board responsibilites from anywhere. Our software makes it easy for Board members and your Mesa manager to track violations online. We customize our software to your specific fining and penalty policies—never miss the deadline to call for a hearing again! The community’s governing documents, forms, newsletters, meeting minutes, and upcoming events are posted online. Board members have real-time access to compliance and hearing logs, homeowner responses, financials and more.
  • Education
    We believe that educating Board members about their liabilities and responsibilities is of the utmost importance. This is especially important for volunteer boards with little experience running the day-to-day business affairs of an association. Mesa offers a full training course to help board members understand the role Mesa plays and the restrictions set forth by NRS 116 and NAC 116. We provide overviews of each topic as well as more detailed modules that cover such items as legislative changes, what to look for in the financials, insurance policies, an overview of your review study along with ideas for funding reserves without special assessments, and more!

Commercial Management

Commercial Management Las Vegas NV Mesa offers a 24/7 emergency line ensuring Board’s will never have to deal with maintenance emergencies again!

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Residential Management

Residential Management Las Vegas NVThe Mesa management team takes the stress out of managing your property and turns it into income for you!

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Mesa Management is a locally owned and operated management company offering individual care to your community. Our approach is different. Our fees are affordable and we don’t “nickel and dime” you with extra charges for every little thing we do. When you call our office you will reach our knowledgeable friendly staff—not an impersonal, call center. We pay our knowledgeable, educated-staff based on how well they perform, not by how many properties they can juggle. Our technology was designed to please everyone. Homeowners have real-time access to their accounts and the community’s governing documents, notices and events via our easy-to-use Website. Board members view homeowner communications, logs, financials and more. Our goal is to remain a boutique management company—never taking on a new client if it sacrifices service to existing communities. So, no matter how big or small, if we manage your community you’ll feel like our only client.

While your office is open during regular business hours,having your cell number and this near
24/7 availability separates you from the rest. I recall your returning my call at 8:30 in the
evening after reporting a malfunctioning gate. Exceptional!

Mesa Management

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